Partnership with, a network built on blockchain technology

We’re extremely excited to announce a partnership with, a network built on blockchain technology. is revolutionizing the professional industry and we’re thrilled to take part in the ecosystem. is a network that connects all of your profiles and apps you use into one shareable source, giving you control and ownership of your data.

Most people have dozens of profiles online, many of which include information that is not up to date, resulting in lost time and opportunities. solves this by connecting different websites and apps you use, allowing you to save information to one source, and control how and where your information is used across the web. Whether it be a profile update, recommendation, freelancer review, a new connection, accreditation and more – all of your information is seamlessly connected between different networks, at your complete control. is passionate about the future of work and we are confident blockchain technology will be the web 3.0, bringing new innovations to the professional industry and beyond. aligns with our vision of creating better systems and empowering professionals to be more successful.

You can check out the app here. For those interested in cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, is rewarding early adopters and you can start earning free tokens now for helping build the network. Check out the site to learn more.

Soon you will be able to login to Remote with a account, as well as save information from Remote to the network. This will allow you to use this information on other websites with the goal of making you more successful across all websites and apps you use.


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